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Well, That Was Unexpected…
In the wee hours of November 1, 2019, a huge storm ripped across Southern Ontario, causing over $50 million worth of damage in its wake. We’ve had big storms in this area before, but this storm was different.
Typically, in the insurance industry, we have a few types of storms. We have theregular ones, where you might see a few older roofs sustain damage, maybe some siding damage, perhaps a few basement floods. Those storms are easy enough to plan for. Heck, often insurance companies don’t have to raise everyone’s rates to recover from those losses.
Then there are what we term “catastrophic weather events.” Those are the storms that cause significant damage in a concentrated geographic area, and the number of claims exceeds a threshold. For example, if an insurance company were to experience 500 claims from a single storm in the Region of Niagara, they might term that as a “catastrophic weather event.” Until recently, those were the storms we talked about. Thos…