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Why You Can’t Wait
“But I can’t afford life insurance…”
These are words that we hear often in the business we’re in. Folks just can’t seem to see their way clear to spend a few dollars every month to protect their loved ones. But I wonder just how expensive life insurance is when compared to the alternative. Let’s talk, shall we?
“But my kids will look after my burial when I’m gone.”
Statistically, we all die eventually. Insurance of any type isn’t about insuring the inevitable, it’s about insuring against the unexpected. If we knew exactly when the house fire would happen, we could strategically save for that inevitability, so that the day after it happens, we’re financially prepared for it. Or better still, we could avoid the whole experience by NOT lighting the candle in the first place. As for life insurance, if we knew the date of our death, we could simply save for it. Our children would then be financially ready for the big day. Here’s the thing: we rarely perish when we expec…